Company Overview


Global Salvage Network is a U.S.-based company with a global reach. We service the insurance, trucking/transportation, manufacturing and commercial industries with the sale of distressed, salvageable merchandise and materials. Over 30 years of experience have made Global Salvage Network the most efficient and experienced company in the salvage industry. Our ability to evaluate and appraise specialty equipment is unparalleled.

What We Do

Engineering and Evaluation

Any type of product/equipment, materials or finished products could experience unforeseen damage. We will evaluate these situations through our network, engineers and other professionals, verify the degree of damage and determine the marketability of specific items or the entire shipment.

warehouse storageWarehousing and Storage

Sometimes it is necessary to take charge and secure a product for resale, using processes like inventory and damage separation by category. Our worldwide network of warehousing facilities is a key factor in reducing claim-handling expenses!

Market Analysis and Sales

Not all salvage claims are the same. A professional salvage company knows what, when and how to process a claim, which is a prime reason to use one. Global Salvage Network offers market analysis for our clients to establish values and secure the highest return on the salvage claim.


Our Mission

Global Salvage Network is a professional salvage company focuses totally upon securing the highest return for a client’s salvage. Using a bid system without the experience of a professional salvage company to determine the market and negotiate the sale can be very costly.